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Graduated Students cheering

As global politics, geopolitical considerations, visa policies, and tuition and fee prices change, new higher-education destinations emerge, and traditional ones must reinvent themselves to remain attractive. As international student numbers increase, student flows change directions, leading to a new competitive situation: Countries are competing for international students to compensate for an expected lack of skilled labor in the future. Studies show that the more international students feel welcome, the higher the probability they will remain in these host nations after graduation, find a job, and add value to these nations’ economies. And yet, while some countries and institutions are providing more attractive service offerings for international students, others are falling far behind, having not made any adjustments to cater to international students’ needs and expectations. Thus, stakeholders at universities must work more aggressively to create comprehensive service offerings that provide a unique overall study experience through attractive higher-education destinations.

In this section, read about international students as a special target group and why Germany is a great place to pursue higher education and start successful careers.

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