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Sheet with customer feedback

Let’s be realistic: Service delivery can and will go wrong. Interestingly, every company would agree that listening to customers is important. Then why are so few companies in a position to handle customer feedback correctly? Even if companies know how to handle customer feedback, they fail to put this knowledge into practice. But why? So many studies underline the importance of customer feedback and yet, once customers voice their feedback, employees are not trained, management considers complaint handling to be too expensive, and internal systems are not designed to capture customer feedback quickly and easily. Feedback is an asset, and it is free. So, turn your company into a learning organization and start asking your customers to rate your performance. This will help your company increase your product-market fit and make your service offerings even more attractive in the long run.

In this section, read how to embrace feedback, define your target group, integrate customers into the feedback process and follow up on customer feedback.

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