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continents made out of leafs

In the age of global warming, plastic in our oceans, and a growing number of people travelling, the tourism industry plays an influential role when it comes to sustainability and reducing carbon footprints. The challenge is to make improvements along the entire value chain and get as many stakeholders as possible to take responsibility. Every year, new record numbers for travelers are expected, airports are expanding, existing transportation systems get more and more congested, and tourist attractions are reaching their maximum capacities. However, many service providers do not understand that they must upgrade and preserve tourist destinations so that tourists will keep coming in the future. Too many providers are short-sighted and do not consider the consequences of inaction. Thus, only one solution needs to be followed: sustainable tourism and responsible sourcing to preserve today’s tourist destinations for tomorrow’s visitors.

In this section, read how sustainability pays off and how nudging can be a powerful tool to get customers to choose more sustainable options subconsciously.

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